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Structure Diagram

Product Overview

HSP2220 is a multi-functional laser printer controller SoC. It is a high integrated SoC which enables the processing system to download and run Linux OS when carrying a high performance CK810F CPU and to a real-time response of printer or scanner interface when carrying two low performance CK803S CPUs., It has a resolution of 1200dpi*1200dpi and a speed of 88ppm in printing, and 40spm in color scanning.


It possesses sufficient system IPs, peripheral IPs (including USB 2.0 dual-role controller, DDR2/3 controller, NAND flash controller, GMAC, SDIO 2.0, and etc.), flexible image processing engine (including JBIG/JPEG codec, scanning back-end, and algorithm hardware accelerator like halftone, etc.), and plentiful security IPs (such as AES, DES, SHA, SM2/4 and etc.). An anti-fuse similar OTP can be programmed for keys storage and restricted access to CPU.


Apply to desktop laser printers, color scanners and MFP/SFP solutions.





Printer Interface

Image Processing Hardware


  • CK810F with 32KB I/D cache, maximum frequency in 600MHz
  • CK803S with 4KB cache, independent command and data bus, maximum frequency in 200MHz
  • 16-bit SDR SDRAM interface, data tr-ansmission speed of 1600Mbps/bit
  • On-chip 512KB SRAM
  • 8-bit NAND flash controller, maximum frequency in 50MHz
  • 4-bit SPI NOR flash controller, maxi-mum frequency in 50MHz
  • Video data output, LVDS mode and CMOS mode
  • LSU and APC controller
  • Print motor controller
  • synchronously detection and filtering for pages and lines
  • JBIG codec, complaint with T.82/T.85
  • JPEG codec, complaint with T.81



  • Three USB 2.0 dual-role interface with integrated PHY
  • Color LCD controller
  • SD/MMC/SDIO 2.0 Host
  • SPI (3x), UART (9x), I2C (4x), GPIO
  • XPWM, 6-channel ADC
  • 256-bit AES, 192-bit 3DES
  • SM4, SM2, SHA-1/2 family, ECC

Scanner/Copier Interface

  • Support CIS sensors
  • Integration solution for multi-functional printer
  • Directly control the Automatic Docu-ment Feeder (ADF) or stepper motor
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