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Apex Technology First Time Attended to ISOT

2016/07/11 14:47
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The annual International Stationery & Office Products Fair Tokyo was held on July 6 – 8, 2016 in Tokyo International Exhibition Center. It was the largest exhibition for stationery & office products in Asia. 

Apex Technology First Time Attended to ISOT

    It was the first time for Apex Technology to attend ISOT. However, with the NFC large capacity technology and NFC embedded application solutions, Unismart chip resetter, and various storage products, we successfully attracted a lot of audiences to come to consult about our products. Through demonstrating the app in live, we established a good interaction relation with our audiences.

    In addition, Apex NFC embedded album, with the NFC wireless storage chip embedded in the paper, you could upload and edit videos, voice records, and photos to the NFC chip through a smart device which makes your memory alive in front of you. The idea and application aroused the audiences’ emotional resonance. Meanwhile, the NFC embedded product package solution, which embedded the NFC CHIP into the product package to realize dynamic read of product information, greatly enhanced customers’ purchase experience and this creative solution gained recognition and praise from many local Japanese customers.

    During the show, the audiences showed great interest in Apex NFC large capacity chip. The atmosphere was hot in the exhibition, especially in China area; Apex technology products gained a lot of attentions.



Work Together to Create a New Fututer

NFC technology has been developed for a long time and it has been applied widely in our daily lives because of its features like easy to operate and low power consumption. Apex Technology believes that the NFC large capacity chip technology will bring more benefits to our customers.

     Although ISOT finally came to an end, Apex Technology would keep dedicated to technology innovation and exploring in new field. We never change our mission to bring more convenient products to our customers. In future, we will still hold our passion toward innovation and exert NFC large capacity technology in more new applications and creative ideas. Here, we sincerely invite you who also have your passion in NFC product development to cooperate with us and to create a new “chip world” together.