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The 2017 Canton Fair (Autumn)|Ninestar came at the appointed time by carrying embedded NFC creative gifts!

2017/10/30 14:12
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China Import and Export Fair (referred to as Canton Fair ) is the world’s largest comprehensive international trading event . Ninestar attended the 122nd Canton Fair (Phase II-Exhibition of Gifts and Premiums) by carrying embedded NFC creative gifts on October 23-27.


Guangzhou Pazhou International

Booth: Hall 11.1, E41.


We are not the carrier of traditional gifts, but the pioneer of intelligent gifts!

At this exhibition, Ninestar brought a series of NFC (Near Field Communication)-using creative gifts. . With smart phones, users can process and interchange information embedded in the gifts. By enhancing the intelligence and functionality of the gifts, this application makes these special gifts more meaningful and valuable.



Built-in NFC large capacity chip

It can pre-store and autonomously read information by APP

4/2/1MBytes, enables to store videos, music and photos

Support customization


Application of Creative Gifts in Seven Major Areas


Application areas: holiday gifts, crafts, souvenirs, jewelry, religious prayer items.


Touch to start an intelligent life

With the advent of a keyless smart era, , fingerprint identification has also become a darling of the securities industry. With features of fast speed, accuracy, and safety, Ninestar’s fingerprint sensor has harvested a large number of viewers’ recognition and praise.




Passive identification technology

(Independent intellectual property rights)

Ultra-high fingerprint read rate and acquisition resolution

All-aspect quality control process

Cost-effective advantage

Apply to identification, secure payments, access control,consumer electronics applications .


Time and distance are not problems!


With the growing demand for transportation in various industries, the development of logistics industry is unstoppable. Complying with this trend, Ninestar’s Temp&Hum recording label can timely monitor and collect Temp&Hum records in the process of production, transportation, storage and distribution for a long period of time.


· Combination of traditional electronic Temp&Hum recorder and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

· Support APP input information and monitor data

· Interval and frequency of temp&hum collection can be set

· NFC-enabled phone and bluetooth devices can get real-time data

· Hand-heldreading terminal is convenient for computer to import data.


Apply to food, vaccines, blood, electronics, chemicals, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields.


The exhibition came to a successful end on October 27th! In the future, Ninestar will continue to develop and introduce more applications that promote the development of intelligent life. Coming soon!