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Apex Multi-core Security SoC won the second prize of CEC" i+" 2019

2019/09/25 17:59
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2019 China Electronics " i+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held at NCC in Wuhan on September 19. Apex won the second prize for its Multi-core security SoC application in the Industrial IoT.
With the rapid development of IoT, the problems like data leakage, equipment exposure and the rapid growth in security cost become increasingly severe. Thus, Apex launches the FUXI series of multi-core security SoC, aiming at solving the security and technical in IoT for major information transmission, equipment connection and etc..
Apex FUXI series SoC based T-Head CPU , with 32-bit security and high-speed multi-core subsystem architecture, can effectively protect sensitive data from being attacked and ensure the security, stability and reliability of IoT devices.
·Multi-core subsystem architecture: applied the CPU, SE, PSE, ICM and other subsystems
·Physical unclonable function: 256-bit SRAM
·Various network security protocols: IPSec, SSL, MACSec, etc.
·Various international cryptographic algorithms: AES, DES, ECC, RSA, SHA, etc. 
·With high-efficiency coprocessor, support system integrity detection and self - recovery technology
Apex FUXI series SoC can be widely applied in IoT communication and terminal equipment, such as power monitoring, energy metering and smart energy. It effectively protect sensitive data from leakage or being stolen, as well as lower the growing security maintenance costs, escorting the IoT course in intellectualization, economization and sustainable development. 
At present, the SoC has been successfully applied in the distribution network project of China Southern Power Grid.