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Apex Technology secondly attended China Import and Export Fair!

2017/04/30 13:56
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The 122nd China Import and Export Fair came at the appointed time. And the phrase II spring gift show Apex Technology attended was held on April 22-27 at the B hall of Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.


With three core technologies and its related product applications, Apex Technology has won recognition and praise of many visitors. During the exhibition, many domestic and foreign exhibitors have shown great interests in these products combined with new technologies. Many of them bought samples on the scene, hoping to seek cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.




 NFC Large capacity Chip

NFC (Near Field Communication) large capacity chip, exclusively developed by Apex Technology, can be embedded in all kinds of gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, and jewelries. Through the exclusive APP paired with NFC chip, users can edit the video, audio and graphic information to save memories and blessings. It also makes these special gifts more meaningful and valuable.


· First to adopt 55nm_eFlash technology in the industry

· 4 /2/1 MBytes storage space

·Contact Reading,Long-hours data preservation 

·Support mobile phone APP read and write information, easy to operate



Fingerprint Sensor

With the rapid development of advanced modern society, intellectualization has become a standard requirement for various types of products. Apex Technology’s fingerprint sensor can be applied to fields such as identification, security payment, access control, keyboard, and mouse. With features of fast speed, accuracy, and safety, the fingerprint sensor’s convenience and efficiency have been realized. Meanwhile, it has shortened the distance between normal life and intelligent technology.



·Augmented passive identification technology

·Pixel array:  160×160

·Quick fingerprint reading speed:  >30 Frame/s

·Pixel grey level:  256 

·Image resolution: 508 DPI



NFC/Bluetooth Temperature Label

The NFC/Bluetooth temperature label, a newly creative product launched by Apex Technology, has formed by combining traditional electronic temperature recorder and NFC (Near Field Communication) technology together. In the process of production, transportation, storage and distribution, the temperature label can timely collect temperature records and efficiently trace the source of temperature-sensitive products, such as agricultural products, food, medicine, vaccines, blood, electronics, and chemical products.


·It can do real-time collection of ambient temperature.

·Small size and easy to stick.

·Supports reading by mobile phone with NFC function and easy to get real-time data.

·Support NFC mobile phone and Bluetooth read information

·Equipped with LED indicator light and easy to monitor the label running status. 


The exhibition came to a successful end on April 27th, and Apex Technology demonstrated the efforts and breakthroughs it has made in the field of IOT (Internet of Things). In the future, Apex Technology will continue to be committed to the development and innovation of NFC technology’s diversification applications.