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Apex Technology showcased products in 2016 RemaxWorld Expo

2016/10/18 15:11
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The 10th RemaxWorld Expo in Zhuhai was successfully held on October 13 -15, 2016 in Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center. Want to know more about the show ?Follow me!  

       Dangers And Challengers, Talks in Remaxworld Summit

The 10th RemaxWorld Summit was held on October 12th, 2016. Apex Microelectronics chief technology officer Li Ding gave a speech in the theme of “how the aftermarket reacts to the challenges coming along with chip technology development” to share his study experience in chip technology research. Mr. Ding put with the idea that “the constant technical innovation ability is the drive for enterprise sustainable development”, which earned a lot of applause and recognition among the audience at the summit.



Apex Unveiled Two Core Technologies

Apex has been exploring and researching in the field of NFC smart chip and makes progress recently. In the exhibition, Apex introduced two core technology achievements -- the NFC large capacity chip (firstly use 55nm large capacity eflash technology in the industry with 44Mbytes storage space) and the Fingerprint Sensor (with augmented passive identification technology, 508 DPI image resolution, and 30 frames/second). These two technology achievements show Apex strong engineering capacity and its determination to march in IOT industry. 




NFC Bold Revolution

The most surprising products in the show were the NFC creative necklace and the NFC smart yearbook that innovatively embedded in an NFC large capacity chip. It broke up the old fashion way to convey our feelings and emotions and reconstructed a new smart life style. In addition, Apex introduced various creative solutions such as the embedded NFC children's audio books, NFC anti-counterfeit traceability label (realize product identification and data tracking), and NFC large capacity chip, which also greatly changed our traditional concept toward NFC technology. 



New NFC Media Tool

To let more smart end devices enable to interact with NFC product, Apex launched NFC-WIFI card reader and NFC-audio player. During the show, customers could take a photo with our sales managers and got a special card printed with that photo from Apex. Customers could record their expectations towards Apex and to thank our customers’ support, customers could get Apex NFC-WIFI card readers as a return.


The show was closed on October 15th, 2016. In the exhibition, Apex excellent products left our customers a good impression that Apex is always a leader in the industry. In future, Apex will also bring new chance and development in NFC field. 

Want to know more about our NFC products? Let’s join us in the 120th China Import and Export Fair. See you soon!