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Apex Technology Unveiled NFC Creative Gifts in CBCF 2016

2016/10/30 14:56
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(CBCF) was the largest comprehensive international trade fair in China. Apex Technology took part in the second term Gift and Present Show on October 23rd – October 27rd in B hall - Pazhou, Zhuhai section. During the show, the customers showed their great interest in Apex Technology solutions and products. Now, let’s see more fantastic moments of Apex Technology in the show. 


NFC large capacity chip X gift

In the show, Apex Technology mainly demonstrated how to embed the NFC(Near Field Communication)large capacity chip into a gift. Usinga smart device to visit to and interact with the information in the giftmakes the gift smartenoughto convey emotional feelings to the receiver,whichenhances thevalues ofthegift.


NFC large capacity chip X creative solution

NFC embedded gift solution and NFC smart package solutionwere twoattractive products in the show.The NFC embedded gift solution breaks our traditional concepts towards gifts. It enables videos, voice records, and picturesto be customized.Thepersonated giftsnot onlyattracted greatinterest from the audience but also from the exhibitors.Also, the NFC smart package solution can dynamically tell a comprehensive product storyin a smart way, whichre-estimates a package’s value andgive more definitions to a product package. 


NFC large capacity chip X interactive tools

We also provide various data reading methods to satisfy customers’ different demands: 1.The NFC-enabled mobile phones can read theinformation directly. 2. Apex Technology developed a NFC-WIFI card readerwhich enables a smart deviceto read the information even the device does not havethe NFC function. Webridge the NFC and the smart device for you. 3. Thesmall and elegantNFC audio player combines read and play together. All these methods arewell demonstrated duringthe show and gain recognition from the customers.


NFC large capacity chip X smart product

What’s more, other smart products such as the NFC creative smart necklace, NFC smart photo album, NFC audio book for children, NFC audio toys embodies that NFC large capacity chip technology is well applied in every aspects of our lives, which realizes a smart connection between technology and life.Thesecreative andpragmatic NFC smart products gain a lot of attentions and many customers express their will to cooperate with us.