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The first exhibition in the year| Ninestar attended CES 2018 for the first time!

2018/08/24 14:01
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The much-anticipated 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 9 to January 12, 2018. This exhibition is the world’s largest annual consumer technology trade show and also a window of the latest technology and the future way of life.

Chinese technology companies were in the limelight at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as about 1,551 companies put their gadgets and innovations in the spotlight, accounting for more than one third of the total participants, said the organizer. . Ninestar also crossed the hemisphere to attend CES 2018 presenting its latest products and technologies.

New Products

As a smartphone market leader, Apple launched three new iPhones come with wireless charging capabilities in the second half of 2017, which greatly stimulates the demand for wireless charger.


Ninestar Wireless Charge

1.Accord with QI V1.2.3 standards

2.Support output power: 5W/10W/15W

3.Stable quality and strong compatibility




6 Protections



Extraordinary Strength

The reason why Ninestar was able to quickly launch its own wireless charger brand in the trend of fast charging is it is not only a manufacturer of wireless charger but also a provider of wireless chip and module solutions.


10+ years complex chip design experience

High efficient integrated circuit design and verification platform

Complete SOC/IC design and manufacturing

A leading IC Fabless company in China

The supplier of product solutions for specialized products



IoT Products

In addition to the wireless charger, Ninestar also brought a series of featured IoT products—Temp&Hum Record Label and Fingerprint Sensor. Let me briefly introduce their respective characteristics and applications!

Temp&Hum Record Label combines the traditional electronic temperature&humidity recorder with the NFC(Near Field Communication) large capacity chip or bluetooth module. It is mainly used in the phases of cold chain, including storage, transportation and distribution of temperature&humidity -sensitive products, realizing the automatic monitoring, tracking and recording of temperature and humidity.


Fingerprint Sensor FPS 682BA: High performance—Adopting passive fingerprinting identification technology with independent intellectual property rights, and having high-quality fingerprint images and high resolution fingerprints. Low power consumption—Supporting fingerprint reading, matching, and verifying the user’s identity. Low budget—The cost-effective product can reduce production costs and enhance market competitiveness, providing users with a safer, smarter and more convenient experience!


Ninstar’s first exhibition in 2018 has come to a successful end! In the coming days,

it will introduce more amazing products. Get back to you soon